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Purpose:  To provide a sustainable, practical, easy-to-execute way of READING God’s Word and CONNECTING with each other on a consistent, weekly basis so that we can spur one another on towards growth in the EXPERIENCE of God in our lives in PERSONAL and MEANINGFUL ways.

Who is this For:   Anyone in CCD and connected to CCD (young, old, women, men…); Anyone who desires to Turn Towards God; Anyone who has access to the Bible; Anyone who can log into Zoom or call in.   


(1) Those who are interested should download the CCD Church App  onto their phone or device.  Please follow the link for instructions. After the App is downloaded, create your profile, then go to the More tab on the bottom right, then Groups, and choose to join the TTG group.

(2) Every day we will read ONE chapter of a book of the Bible (more information on which book we are reading is available in the group on our app) and send 1 verse from the reading that “spoke” to us to the TTG Group on the app (by copying and pasting, or typing it out). Or a question. Or a quick thought.  If no access to an app, then people can simply write the verse or thought in a journal to share later, if they would like.  

(3) Every week on Sundays at 8PM , either Kame or Megan or both will host a Zoom “meet” session.  No one is required to attend this session - those who join the week’s session can do any or all of the following, according to their comfort level:  Listen; Observe; Perceive; Think; Share with words; Share with songs; Pray; Ask questions; Respond to something shared. 

The goal of the session is to have a consistent, reliable, welcoming place- a place where those who desire to “turn towards God” can come together with others also “turning to God.”  And experience God through God’s Word and how it speaks to us.

If you need more information or need help with the App, please contact us at